Friday, October 9, 2009

Showbusiness looming

The Halloween Extravaganza of Radio from Downtown draws closer. I have a great poster from talented photographer and graphic designer Cheryl Nemazie I'll try to post this weekend. Suitable for framing. (UPDATED - click HERE for the poster)

The script for the show is nearly complete. As far as I know--this is always the good part--everybody is ready to rock. Cheryl also came to Morning Edition this week and took some great photos of the show on the air--I look at them and it's almost like being at work. Ack! You can see these and other examples of her work at her website, Some great stuff.

We're trying to work out the details for a live broadcast of the upcoming show on WNAV, 1430 AM in Annapolis, MD. As I think I might have mentioned. It would be a thrill to be doing this live on the radio. Double your pleasure, double your fun...and double your anxiety. Mine, anyway. Stay tuned for details. Broadcasting information for the other stations should be somewhere on our website.

Hope you all can join us.

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