Monday, October 19, 2009

In case you missed it...

Here's the WBOC interview from last Friday. The poster is by Cheryl Nemazie of Studio C in Salisbury. I forgot to mention the website, but enterprising viewers will figure it out. And of course you already did. A long drive for a little tiny bit of TV, but every little bit helps. I think. Turns out that Alice Bavis was the interviewer, not Kelly Rouse mentioned in the last post. A pleasant surprise. Thanks to Alice and the staff at WBOC. That's it for my brush with fame, but stand by for a couple of radio interviews coming up in the next week or so, on WCEI-FM and WNAV-AM.

Like a refreshing glass of iced tea on a hot summer's day on Delmarva, ticket sales at the Avalon are brisk. Apparently. You can reserve your tickets by calling the theater at 410-822-7299. We'd all love to see you there, otherwise there will be more of us in the production than in the audience. And you all know how painful that can be.

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