Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Liane Hansen

Liane Hansen is the long-time host of the popular NPR program Weekend Edition Sunday.  WESUN, as we refer to it in the Mother Ship, was the first program I worked on when I came to NPR in '94. We had tape recorders then--I cut tape, produced 2-ways, mixed pieces, etc.  I was living in Salisbury, MD, at the time, quite a piece down the road--so I house sat, sublet, squatted, and eventually rented a studio apartment near Dupont Circle.  My work week was Wed-Sun, so I'd go up Tuesday night and come home Sunday after the show. Kind of lonely for my spouse (and me), but I was determined to stay in the building until I got a staff job.

Working on WESUN was great, and I'm thrilled that Liane is finally going to appear on 'Radio From Downtown'.  I think I've been after her for 15 years. I don't think this little foray into radio theater is going to damage her reputation that much.

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