Wednesday, October 14, 2009

WNAV joins the party!

I'm happy to announce that WNAV (1430 AM) in Annapolis will be carrying the RFD Halloween Extravaganza live on Halloween night.  The station will also be streaming the program as it's broadcast on  The show has been recorded live-to-tape for many years, but hasn't been live on the air since--well, I have to consult the wayback machine--probably 1992 or so, on WSCL in Salisbury.  In those days, before we arrived at the Avalon, our home since 1995, we used to run a cable up the hallway of the station, out the door and into the adjacent auditorium, down the aisle, and somehow back to Jim Smith's mobile recording truck.  It sounds fanciful and it was--from the cart machines to the sound effects on LPs (!) to the homemade "on air" sign made on the trusty workbench of our good friend Jim Mitchell.  The show will still be rebroadcast--the details are on this website somewhere.

Anyway, it's exciting to be doing actual live radio again--not that I don't get enough of it every day of my working life as director of NPR's Morning Edition--but this is the wacky small time, and we love it for what it is.
Thanks to Steve Hopp at WNAV for stepping up to the plate for this unique program, and to our musical director and chief geek Bob Diener for the upcoming heavy lifting required to make this happen.  I personally haven't a clue, and choose to remain blissfully unaware of the technical details--even if I could understand them.  There's a bit in here somewhere....
Hope you can join us.

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